Dark Lunacy

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Dark Lunacy
Dark Lunacy in 2009
Background information
GenresMelodic death metal
Gothic metal
Years active1997 - present
LabelsMetal Blade
Fuel Records / Self Distribuzione
MembersMike Lunacy
Daniele Galassi
Alessandro Vagnoni
Claudio Cinquegrana

Dark Lunacy is an Italian melodic daith metal baund, aften uisin a string quartet an mixed vyce choir.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The baund wis foondit in 1997 bi sangster Mike Lunacy an guitarist Enomys. It wis no till 1999, wi the addition o drummer Baijkal an bassist Harpad, that the baund became complete an released their first offeecial album, Devoid, the follaein year. While earlier releases wur on Metal Blade, the baund is currently associatit wi the label Self Distribuzione. In 2001 bassist Harpad left an wis replaced bi Imer. In 2003 the baund released their seicont offeecial album, Forget Me Not. In Juin 2006 Baijkal an Imer left the baund for personal reasons, but no afore the release o The Diarist. Mary Ann an Mathias entered the baund in August 2006; in the Hairst o 2007, Baijkal an Imer returned an Mathias left the baund, and Mary Ann went frae playin bass tae rhythm guitar. In 2009, Enomys left the baund due tae personal reasons. Simon joined the baund offeecially suin efter at the guitar tae replace him.

In 2010 the baund haed a radical chynge in the line-up, wi Mike stayin as the anerlie oreeginal member frae Dark Lunacy.

Line-up[eedit | eedit soorce]

Umwhile members[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Mary Ann - guitar
  • Simon - guitar
  • Enomys - guitar
  • Imer - bass
  • Harpad - bass
  • Baijkal - drums
  • Mathias - drums
  • Vault - drums

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