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Cultural anthropologie

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Cultural Anthropologie is the study ay human societal practice an cultur; pit simply "The study 'o whis wey fowk leeves their lifes". Specifically the ettle is the study 'o cultural variation amang humans aen is in contrest tae Social Anthropologie which percei'es cultural variation as a subsit ay the anthropological constant. Fowk at study Cultural Anthropologie is cried Cultural Anthropologists. Cultural Anthropolgie is frae the Unitid States, an Social Anthropologie is frae Europe[1]. Thes includes the study ay customs, economics an poleetical organisation, law an conflict resolution, patterns ay consumption an exchange, kinship an fowk structur, gender relations, childbearin' an socialisation, releegion, while present-day Anthropologists are an aa concerned whis issues ay globalism, ethnic veeolence, gender studies, trans-nationalism an local experience, an tae emergin' culturs ay cyberspace. Cultural Anthropologie ahgubly haes beginnins in the wurk o Sir Edward Tylor, wher in his beuk in 1896 he defined the earliest concept 'o Cultural Anthropolgie[2]. But oan tae ather hain, Franz Boas is considered tae be the faither ay modren anthropolige[3].

Wee Parts 'o Anthropological Study[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mony anthropologists an thinkers hae affected tae study ay Anthropologie an applee'd modifeecations. A body direct wey tae kin thes is tae swatch at aw the different wee auries at fowk study specifically.

Listed belaw are a few:

* Applied Anthropologie  
* Anthropologie 'o Airt
* Cognifyin Anthropologie
* Anthropologie 'o Developin
* Ecologie Anthropologie
* Economics anthropologie
* Anthropologie 'o Gender and Scuttle
* Historie and Bygane Anthropologie
* Kin Anthropologie
* Law Anthropologie
* Media Anthropologie
* Medicin Anthropologie
* Anthropologie 'o Politics
* Psychologie and Behavioral Anthropologie
* Public Anthropologie
* Anthropologie of Religions
* Cyborg Anthropology
* Transpersonal Anthropologie
* Urban Anthropologie
* Anthropologie 'o Swatch 'o Real 'Hins
* Marxist Anthropologie

Cultural Anthropologie O'er Syne[eedit | eedit soorce]

'Tis a sin at Cultural Anthropologie wasnae uissed fur unnerstaundin human cultur in a positiv wey. Bygane Cultural Anthropologie wis uised tae judge ather culturs. Cultural Anthropologie war aft uised fur [4] an excucse fur bein coarse oon ananther cultur at wisnae Western. Afair the concept 'o Cultural Relatavism fowk whae studyin Anthropologie wis believin in Evolootionary Anthropologie. Cultural Anthropologists back en are aft considered awfy racist an tae ken wit Anthropologie as a square social science, in pairt coz 'o Evolootionary Anthropologie. Til Franz Boas git scunnurt wit it an became the faither 'o modren anthropologie en he thooght up Cultur Relitavism[5]

Later anthropolgie wis changed mair bi ither anthropologists. Majur theories loch feminism an' marxism waur influencial.

Methods[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aft, thee mense methods ay study are considered tae maist common in anthroplogie.

Fowk Observation[eedit | eedit soorce]

A teep ay study at tries tae kin cultur bi gainin close fimiliarity wi a social crew. Thes kin ay studyin' wis thooght up bi mony anthropologists, but notably Bronislaw Malinowski an Franz Boas. Fowk observation oft involves informal interviews, participation in tae life ay tae fowk, crew discussions, an readin' aboot local bygane syne.

Ethnographie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aen ethnographie is a teep ay beuk which is factual abit a fowk at th' time when it wis written. The write thes beuk anthropologists bide wi' the fowk fur some time usin' the lest method ay fowk observation. In Cultural Anthropologie the focus is oan seembols an values ay a fowk.

Cultur Comparin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aft anthropologists compaur tois are mair culturs tae fin' whit's different atween them an whit's the sam. Thes method is uised maist common tae disprove the idea ay "universal human trufs", showin' how diverse human cultur is. A body ensaumple is the idea at aw human beings are monogamoos, which disnae allaw fur polygamoos culturs. An anither ensaumple is at aw human culturs are patriarchal, which is false coz thaur are matriarchal culturs.

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