Cuenca, Ecuador

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Santa Ana de Los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca
Panorama view o Cuenca, Ecuador frae Turi aurie
Panorama view o Cuenca, Ecuador frae Turi aurie
Banner o Cuenca
Coat o airms o Cuenca
Coat o airms
Nickname(s): Atenas del Ecuador (Athens of Ecuador)
Cuenca is locatit in Ecuador
Location in Ecuador
Coordinates: 2°53′57″S 79°00′55″W / 2.89917°S 79.01528°W / -2.89917; -79.01528
Kintra Ecuador
Province Azuay
Canton Cuenca Canton
Foondit 12 Aprile 1557
Foondit bi Gil Ramírez Dávalos
Named for Cuenca, Spain
 • Mayor Paúl Granda López
 • Ceety 67.71 km2 (26.14 sq mi)
Elevation 2,560 m (8,400 ft)
Heichest elevation 2,550 m (8,370 ft)
Lawest elevation 2,350 m (7,710 ft)
Population (2010)INEC census
 • Ceety 330,000
 • Density 4,900/km2 (13,000/sq mi)
 • Metro 505,632
  The population total is of the urban parishes of the Municipality of Cuenca (the canton), which make up the city of Cuenca; the metro population is the population of the canton.
Time zone ECT (UTC-5)
Demonym Cuencanos
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Cuenca, kent offeecially as Santa Ana de los cuatro ríos de Cuenca, is the third lairgest ceety in Ecuador bi population, which totals 467,000. It is the caipital o the Azuay Province. It is locatit in the hielands o Ecuador at aboot 2500 m abuin sea level. The centre o the ceety is leetit as a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid acause o its mony historical biggins.

Geografie an location[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cuenca, caipital o the province o Azuay, is locatit in the sierra o the Andes in the Austro or soothren region o Ecuador. It is approximately nine oors sooth o Quito an fower oors east o Guayaquil. The ceety ranges frae 2,350 tae 2,550 meters abuin sea level.

The dominant features o the ceety's geography are an aa the soorce o its name in Spainyie: the fower rivers o Cuenca (meanin a basin made bi a confluence o rivers). These rivers are the Tomebamba (named efter the Cañari cultur), Yanuncay, Tarqui an Machangara, in order o importance. The first three o these rivers oreeginate in the Páramo o Parque Nacional Cajas tae the wast o the ceety. These fower rivers are pairt o the Amazon river watershed. Cuenca is surroondit bi muntains on aww sides, wi passes tae the wast, sooth an east.

Parishes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cuenca Canton contains the follaein parishes: