Cuatro Vientos Airport

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Madrid–Cuatro Vientos Airport
Cuatro Vientos Airport MCU
Cuatro Vientos Airport Control Touer
Airport teepPublic/Militar
Hub forFlylink Express
Elevation AMSL2269  ft / 691  m
Coordinates40°22′14″N 3°47′06″W / 40.37056°N 3.78500°W / 40.37056; -3.78500Coordinates: 40°22′14″N 3°47′06″W / 40.37056°N 3.78500°W / 40.37056; -3.78500
Direction Lenth Surface
ft m
09/27 4,900 1,494 Asphalt
09L/27R 3,698 1,127 Gress–Yird
Statistics (2016)
Muivements chynge 15-16Decrease11.5%
Soorces: Aena[1]

Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport (ICAO: LECU), kent as Cuatro Vientos Airport an aw, is the auldest Spainyie airport an ane o the three ceevil airports o Madrid alang wi Madrid-Barajas an Torrejón Air Base. The airport is locatit 8 km (5.0 mi) sooth-wast o the ceety dountoun. The name "Cuatro Vientos" translates intae Scots as "Fower Winds."

Cuatro Vientos wis oreeginally an air base, which later became a ceevil airport an aw. Sicweys, thare is a militar section locatit on a separate apron o the airport, opposite tae the ceevil ane. It is uised as Madrid base for the Spainyie Polis helicopters an turbo-prop airplanes an aw, as well as for the road traffec surveillance helicopters.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Cuatro Vientos Airport providit the location for the meetin o Pape John Paul II wi young fowk on his fift an last veesit tae Spain on 3 Mey 2003, an for the vigil an feenal mass o Warld Youth Day 2011 wi Pape Benedict XVI, on August 20-21.

Infrastructur[eedit | eedit soorce]

This airport is mainly operatit bi general aviation aircraft, Flicht trainin organisations an fleein clubs. Due tae the runwey lenth an surroondin biggins it is anerly possible tae operate helicopters, piston ingine aircraft, middin size turbo-props an smaw business jets. An aw, due tae the lack o IFR facilities, but an auld NDB (CVT), it is anerly possible tae operate VFR flichts. Nivertheless, it is the heidquairters airport o several FTOs, includin some o the major Spainyie anes as Gestair Fleein Academy, Aerotec, Aerofan an ithers.

In the sector A-1, on the sooth side o the field, sits the Museo del Aire, an air an space museum mainly dedicatit tae the Spainyie Air Force.

Accidents an incidents[eedit | eedit soorce]

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