Cryptic Fate

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Cryptic Fate
Oreegin: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genre(s): Progressive metal
Years active: 1993-
Labels: G-series Soundtek
Current members: Chowdhury Fazle Shakib
Farshed Mahmud
Khwaja Sarfaraz Latifullah
Farhan Samad
Past members: Iresh Zaker
Waheduzzaman Khan

Cryptic Fate is a progressive metal baund frae Dhaka, Bangladesh.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cryptic Fate wis formed in 1993. Oreeginally influenced bi classic 80s metal, the baund’s soond haes continued tae matur an evolve intae a unique style that nou bears little or nae resemblance tae the oreeginal. Stairtin oot as a purely hivy metal baund, their first studio album, 'Ends Are Forever', released in 1994, which wis written entirely in Inglis. Their soond stairtit tae tak a drastic turn durin the years follaein the release o their seicont studio album, 'Sreshto' in 2001, a concept album aboot the leeberation war o Bangladesh. In 2006, they released 'Danob', their third full length effort. The album wis nothing short o the best progressive metal the baund haed tae affer, an marked such a depairtur frae their oreeginal soond it wad be impossible for ane unfamiliar wi their muisic tae guess that they are the same group.

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums

Compilation tracks

  • 2000: Cholo Bangladesh (Charpotro)
  • 2001: Shokal Choyta (Anushilon)
  • 2001: Eito cholchey (Anushilon)
  • 2002: Odhikar (Projonmo)
  • 2003: Ashirbād - (featuring) Black and Artcell (Din Bodol)
  • 2003: Gontobbo (Lokayot)
  • 2003: Biday (Aguntok)
  • 2004: Prem (Aguntok 2)
  • 2005: Onadorer Shontan (Aguntok 3)
  • 2010: Ondho (Rock 404)

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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