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Place o oreeginAustrick
Creautit biAugust Zang
Main ingredientsBaurm-leavened daich, butter
VariationsPain aux raisins, pain au chocolat
Fuid energy
(per serving)
- kcal
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A croissant (Listeni/krəˈsɑːnt/ or /ˈkwʌsɒŋ/; French pronunciation: [kʁwa.sɑ̃] ( listen) is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry o' austrian origin,[1] bit mostly associated wi' france. Croissants ur cried fur thair historical crescent shape 'n', lik' ither viennoiseries, ur made o' a layered yeast-leavened dough. Th' dough is layered wi' butter, rolled 'n' folded loads times in succession, then rolled intae a malinky sheet, in a technique cried laminating. Th' process ootcomes in a layered, flaky texture, similar tae a puff pastry.

Crescent-shaped breads hae bin made sin th' renaissance, 'n' crescent-shaped cakes mibeez aye, mibeez naw sin antiquity.[4] croissants hae lang bin a staple o' austrian, italian, 'n' french bakeries 'n' pâtisseries. Th' modern croissant wis made in th' earlie 20th hunner years. In th' late 1970s, th' development o' factory-made, frozen, pre-formed bit unbaked dough made thaim intae a fast fairn that kin be freshly pure baked by unskilled labor. Th' croissant bakery, notably th' la croissanterie chain, wis a french response tae american-style fleet food,[5] 'n' as o' 2008, 30–40% o' th' croissants sold in french bakeries 'n' patisseries wur pure baked fae frozen dough.[6]

croissants ur a common pairt o' a continental breakfast in mony european cuntry.