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Cottesmore (pronoonced Cotts'mair as a result o its oreegins as Cotts Moor) is a veelage in the north o the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands o England. Wi population o 2,332, it is the lairgest veelage in Rutland, an the third-lairgest dounset efter Oakham an Uppingham. This is due in pairt tae the presence o RAF Cottesmore.

The Cottesmore Hunt takes its name frae the veelage (awtho the kennels are no in the parish). Sir William Lowther brought the foxhoonds he haed bought frae Thomas Noel tae Cottesmore in 1740.

The Duke o York commandit the minesweeper HMS Cottesmore frae Aprile 1993 till November 1994 an visited the veelage wi members o his crew.

At the time o Edward the Confessor (mid 11t century), "Manors Cottesmore" wis held, thegither wi Greetham, bi Saxon cried Goda. Goda held 12 carucates o land, three o which wur held in tax tae the Danegeld. The Keeng held three carucates in demesne an three socmen wi 40 villeins an sax bordarii held 20 carucates. O the land held bi the manor, ane Goisfridus held hauf a carucate; he haed ane plough an aicht villeins. Cottesmore an aa haed 40 acres (160,000 m2) o meadae an a wid measurin a mile in lenth bi seiven furlangs in breadth.

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