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Constitución, Chile

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Coat of arms
Coat airms
Map o the Constitución commune in the Maule Region
Map o the Constitución commune in the Maule Region
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Coordinates (city): 35°20′S 72°25′W / 35.333°S 72.417°W / -35.333; -72.417Coordinates: 35°20′S 72°25′W / 35.333°S 72.417°W / -35.333; -72.417
 • TeepMunicipality
 • AlcaldeHugo Tilleria Torres
 • Total1343.6 km2 (518.8 sq mi)
75 m (246 ft)
 (2012 Census)[2]
 • Total41,207
 • Density31/km2 (79/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Landwart
 • Men23,389
 • Weemen22,692
Time zoneUTC-4 (CLT [3])
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (CLST [4])
Area code(s)56 + 71
WebsiteOfficial website (in Spaingie)

Constitución (Spaingie pronunciation: [konstituˈsjon]) is a seaside resort, industrial (paper an pulp) ceety, minor port an commune in Chile, locatit in the Maule Region, Talca Province.


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Accordin tae the 2002 census o the National Statistics Institute, Constitución spans a aurie o 1,343.6 km2 (519 sq mi) and haes 46,081 inhabitants (23,389 men an 22,692 weemen). O these, 37,202 (80.7%) livit in urban auries an 8,879 (19.3%) in rural areas. The population grew bi 14.2% (5,741 bodies) atween the 1992 an 2002 censuses.[2]


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As a commune, Constitución is a third-level admeenistrative diveesion o Chile admeenistered bi a municipal cooncil, heidit bi an alcalde who is directly electit ivery fower years. The 2008-2012 alcalde wis Hugo Tilleria Torres.[1]

Athin the electoral diveesions o Chile, Constitución is representit in the Chamber o Deputies bi Pablo Lorenzini (PDC) an Pedro Pablo Alvarez-Salamanca (UDI) as pairt o the 38t electoral destrict, (thegither wi Curepto, Empedrado, Pencahue, Maule, San Clemente, Pelarco, Río Claro an San Rafael). The commune is representit in the Senate bi Juan Antonio Coloma Correa (UDI) and Andrés Zaldívar Larraín (PDC) as pairt o the 10t senatorial constituency (Maule-North).

8.8 magnitude 2010 yirdquauk

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Efter the devastatin 8.8 magnitude yirdquauk that struck Chile on 27 Februar 2010, a estimatit 350 fowk dee'd in Constitución frae a tsunami.[5] Twa weeks afore the yirdquauk, the local fowk wur trained tae heid for the hills if unable tae staund durin the tremor, as the likeliheid o a tsunami wis heich.[6] The tsunami wis estimatit tae be 15 m (49 ft) heich.[7]

Pedro Muñoz, a fisherman, wi his skiff, rescued celebrants o the end o simmer frae an island on the Maule River, makkin twa trips atween the island an the riverbank, afore being swampit an killed bi the third tsunami wave, on his third trip.[8]

Constitución wis damagit bi the yirdquauk an subsequent tsunami. Restorin pouer in the ceety in the immediate eftermath wis impossible acause o damage frae the tsunami.[9]


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