Collogue:The Light That Failed

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It is a guid idea tae pit the teetles o beuks ower intae Scots whan the beuks haes niver been setten furth in Scots? Specially whaur dwined disna mean the same thing as failed.

Who is the Important German chap Hans whom, I assume, combed his hair in the Sudan?

Why wad hit no be guid? Sae yer gien hamewark at schuil an ye hae tae find oot aboot "The light that failed". Aft ye learn a bittie o the plot in the teetle alane, shuid the read be deprived o kennin whit the teetle wid mean? A think no, an no shuid it hae tae be letter for letter. "The licht that misgaed"? The chiel gangs blein, the licht dinna "backfire" it dimmed, dwindled, went oot. Nou Uiserr

Blin wad for ordinar hae a d at the end o it. O course no awbody pronoonces it.