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RRSSC recommends uisin the spellin ui for vouel 7 see IPA chairt for Scots.

A jalouse lüf wis the maist different fae English an the least like that whit a Scots speaker wad for ordinar uise. Whit drogs are ye uisin an whaur can A get a haud o some?

Shetland, Orkney, an een Glascae...DSL.

Oh yeah, a forgot tae eik that while ulseter-scots saes the umlaut is uist in aulder scots it wis revived in the 1960's an a'm shuir somebodie that lairned scots then wad uiss the umlaut ye've doomed. Nou Uiserr

Professor Robert Gregg an Brendan Adams uised ä etc. as pairt o phonoetic transcreeption an no exploritory prose. The Boord clecks a lot itsel a pits forrit misleadin argiements for tae mak on that Ulster Scots is a leid ither nor Scots an slings a deifie tae tradeetional 18t an 19t century Scots writin fae Ulster. Hae a read o this.
William Lorimer uised accents as a bit guidal tae fowk that isna fameeliar wi the soondin o Scots they wis niver mynt tae be pairt o the ordinar orthography.
The pynt is tae hae raiglarised spellins that kivers the soondin athort aw dialects sae as no tae hae tae write ilka airticle different for ilka dialect an subdialect an sub-subdialect ... that Scots-speakers speaks. That's whit RRSSC ettles tae shaw.

A deletit this acause whit's the pynt? English WIkipedia disna tell fowk hou wirds is pronooced in ilka airticle whit for shoud the Scots ane dae it? Scots speakers kens hou tae speak Scots! "Ither weys o writin this wird is luif, löf, leef, leaf, luf, leuf, an lief. Twa o thae furms (luif an löf) disna chynge the f tae a v whan in the plural furm, an certain furms sicc as luf can hae a dooble-f. Or pitten mair mensefu: Some fowk soonds the f as v."

Jimmy 18:47, 18 Februar 2006 (UTC)[Replie]