Collogue:British Weights and Measures Association

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A thocht thon ablo pits the airticle in context.

"Thay aften threap that fowk can uiss the metric seestem gin thay want but it shoudna be forced upo society."

This shaws that whit they're threapin for is hou things is onywey - Maks the mairtyrs bittie a bittie pyntless. Aiblins no whit ye'd like fowk tae ken but facts aw the same.

It isna a creeminal offence tae sell guids in imperial. Trokers is alloued tae shaw wechts an prices in baith imperial an metric but no juist imperial theirlane. Consumers can conteena tae speir efter the quantity they're efter buyin in punds an unces.

A ken it's no a creeminal offence tae sell guids in imperial, yet it's creeminal tae sell anerly in Imperial. Gin ye hae a sign in yer shap sayin "50p per Pound" ye'd be sued. An gin ye bide in a smaa toun whaur nobodie uisses metric ye can still git wrate up gin yer no sellin in it.

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