Colin McRae

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Colin McRae
Colin Mcrae crop.jpg
Colin McRae at the X Gemmes XIII in 2007
Personal information
Naitionality Unitit Kinrick British
Born 5 August 1968(1968-08-05)
Lanrik, Scotland
Dee'd 15 September 2007(2007-09-15) (aged 39)
Lanrik, Scotland
Warld Rally Championship record
Active years 19872003, 20052006[1]
Co-driver Unitit Kinrick Derek Ringer
Unitit Kinrick Nicky Grist
Teams Subaru, Citroën, Ford, Škoda
Rallies 146
Championships 1 (1995)
Rally wins 25
Podiums 42
Stage wins 477
Tot pynts 626
First rally 1987 Swadish Rally
First win 1993 Rally New Zealand
Last win 2002 Safari Rally
Last rally 2006 Rally o Turkey

Colin Steele McRae, MBE (5 August 1968 – 15 September 2007) wis a Breetish rally driver frae Scotland, born in Lanrik.

McRae died in 2007 when he crashed his helicopter near his hame. The accident an aa killed his son an twa faimily friends. In November 2008 he wis posthumously inductit intae the Scots Sports Haw o Fame.

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