Cocopah leid

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Native taeMexico, Unitit States
RegionBaja California, Arizona, Sonora
Native speakers
300 (2007–2010)[1]
  • Delta–Californie
    • Cocopah
Leid codes
ISO 639-3coc
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Cocopah is a Delta leid o the Yuman leid faimily spoken bi the Cocopah. In an effort tae keep the leid alive, which wis speuken bi fewer than 400 fowk at the turn o the 21st-century, the Cocopah Museum began afferin Cocopah leid clesses tae childer in 1998.

The leid haed nae alphabet till the 1970s when a scholar developit ane for a varsity dissertation. It pruived tae be less nor ideal, an a new alphabet wis developit bi the tribe in the early 2000s. As the revival o the leid haes progressed, it haes been necessar tae fynd wirds for modren objects that didna exist in the auncient leid. These issues are referred tae the elders o the tribe for a decision.[3] Cocopah in Mexico uise a different orthografie designed bi the INALI.

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