Clootie dumplin

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Clootie dumplin
Clootie dumpling.jpg
Clootie dumplin
Place o oreeginScotland
Main ingredientsFloor, breidcrums, dried fruit (sultanas and currants), shuet, succar, spice, milk
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A clootie dumplin is a tradeetional Scots dumplin makkit wi floor, breidcrums, dried fruit, shuet, succar, an spice wi milk tae mix hit aw thegither. Thay'r mixt weel intae the daich, wrappit up in a claith wi floor, pit in a muckle pan o bylin watter an sottert fur a guid wheen o oors afore bein taen oot an dried naur the fire or uin.[1] Receipts vary fae place tae place e.g. in North Fife an Dundee, hit's no common tae uise breidcrums. Thay uise traicle insteid.

"Clootie dumpling" haes bin uised as an eik-name fur the Scots National Pairty's logo.[2]

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