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Cleopatra III o Egyp

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Cleopatra III (Greek: Κλεοπάτρα, 161–101 BC) wis queen o Egyp 142–101 BC.

Cleopatra III wis forby kent as Cleopatra Euergetis while associatit wi her husband Ptolemy VIII or her son Ptolemy X. She is attestit as Cleopatra Philometor Soteira while associated wi her eldest son Ptolemy IX. Accordin tae Strabo she wis whiles kent as Cleopatra Kokke when discussed in relation tae her son Ptolemy X.

Younger Years[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cleopatra III’s uncle Ptolemy VIII o Egyp ruled thegither wi her parents frae ca 170 tae 164 BC at which pynt he expelled Cleopatra II an Ptolemy VI o Egyp. But he wis suin forced tae abdicate. Cleopatra III’s parents reteuk the throne an remained in pouer for amaist 20 years till 145 BC. Durin this time Cleopatra III wis born tae Ptolemy VI an Cleopatra II o Egyp (sometime atween 160 an 155 BC). Cleopatra wis a sister o Ptolemy Eupator, Cleopatra Thea an possibly Berenice.

Efter the daith o her faither Ptolemy VI frae injuries sustained when fallin frae his horse durin the battle o Oinoparas against Alexander Balas, Cleopatra III’s uncle Ptolemy VIII became the King o Egyp again.

Joint rule wi her mither a husband[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ptolemy VIII first mairit Cleopatra III’s mither Cleopatra II in 145 BC, an mairit Cleopatra III in ca 139 BC. Cleopatra II rebelled against Ptolemy VIII in ca 132 BC. Cleopatra III fled tae Cyprus in 130 BC wi her husband Ptolemy VIII an wis able tae return tae Alexandria in 127 BC.

Cleopatra III an Ptolemy VIII haed five childer :

Waw relief o Cleopatra III, Cleopatra II an Ptolemy VIII afore Horus

In ca 124 BC Cleopatra III an her husband wur joined again bi her mither Cleopatra II as a joint ruler.

Joint Rule wi her sons[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the daith o Ptolemy VIII in 116 BC Cleopatra III ruled jointly wi her mither Cleopatra II an her son Ptolemy IX.

Cleopatra III expelled Ptolemy IX frae Alexandria in 107 BC an replaced him as co-regent wi her seicont son Ptolemy X. Efter 6 years o joint rule Ptolemy X haed his mither Cleopatra III murdered in 101 BC.

Preceded bi:
Ptolemy VIII an Cleopatra II
Ptolemaic Queen o Egyp
First Reign
with Ptolemy VIII an Cleopatra II
Succeedit bi:
Cleopatra II
Preceded bi:
Cleopatra II
Ptolemaic Queen o Egyp
Seicont Reign
wi Ptolemy VIII, Cleopatra II, Ptolemy IX, an Ptolemy X
Succeedit bi:
Ptolemy X