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Citroën M35

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Siller Citroën M35

The Citroën M35 wis a coupé derived frae the Ami 8, an equipt wi a Wankel ingine an an hydropneumatic suspension. The bodies wur produced bi Heuliez frae 1969 tae 1971.

The longitudinally mountit rotary ingine haed a nominal capacity o 995 cc deliverin 49 bhp (37 kW; 50 PS). Accordin tae factory figures the caur haed a performance roughly on a level wi that o a Morris 1300.[1] The ingine wis supplied bi a company formed in 1967 bi NSU an Citroën cawed Comotor.

The M35 wis an experimental vehicle an wis no offeecially sauld - rather it wis supplied tae loyal Citroën customers tae get thair comments on the usability o the design.

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