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The Citroën Ami (French for "friend") is a supermini produced bi the French automaker Citroën frae 1961 to 1978. The Ami an stablemate Citroën Dyane wur replaced bi the Citroën Visa an Citroën Axel (the Axel wis never sold in the UK). The Ami wis for some years the best-selling caur model in Fraunce. Production totalled 1,840,396 units.

Although not its commercial name, in Fraunce the Ami wis aften referred to as the Citroën 3CV Trois chevaux, or "three horse", CV originally being the initials for "cheval-vapeur" (horsepower), but uised here for "chevaux fiscaux" in short. The "cheval fiscal" wis a French fiscal unit based on engine size ; smaller CV usually meant economical caurs. The 602 cc engine o the Ami wis fractionally short o the 610 cc upper limit for the 3 CV taxation class. The 3CV nickname wis never applied to the Ami 8, only to the Ami 6.