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ADO16 is the codename for the development of what became the Morris 1100, a smaw faimily caur biggit bi the Breetish Motor Corporation (BMC) an, later, Breetish Leyland. Throughoot the 1960s, the ADO16 wis consistently the UK's best-selling caur.

Awtho maist o the caurs wur manufactured in Ingland, the model wis an aa biggit in Spain bi Authi, in Italy bi Innocenti an at the company's ain plant in Belgium. It wis the basis for locally adapted seemilar caurs manufactured in Australie an Sooth Africae.

The vehicle wis launched as the Morris 1100 on August 15, 1962. The range wis expanded tae include several rebadged versions, includin the twin-carburettor MG 1100, the Vanden Plas Princess (frae October 1962), the Austin 1100 (August 1963), an finally the Wolseley 1100 (1965) an Riley Kestrel (1965). The Morris badged 1100/1300 gae up its showroom space tae the Morris Marina in 1971, but Austin an Vanden Plas versions remained in production in the UK till Juin 1974.

The estate version followed in 1966, cried Countryman in the Austin version an Traveller in the Morris ane, continuing the established naming scheme.

In 1964 the 1100 wis Wheels magazine's Car of the Year.