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Citroën FAF

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The Citroën FAF is a sma open-top automobile produced bi the French manufacturer Citroën frae 1973 till 1979, biggit an sauld in various developin an Third Warld kintras.

Lik the seemilar Citroën Méhari, the FAF derived frae the 2CV. FAF stood for the French Facile à Fabriquer an Facile à Financer (Easy tae Manufacture, Easy tae Finance). The body wis made o easy tae produce, fauldit elements an the caur leukt effectively lik a metallic version o the Méhari.

The primary target mercat for the FAF wis Africae. As its name suggests, it wis meant tae allou "easy" production, maistly in developin kintras. The idea follaed the widespread production o seemilar 2CV-based vehicles in a lairge nummer o kintras, includin Iran (Baby-Brousse, Jyane-Mehari), Vietnam (Dalat), Greece (Namco Pony), Chile (Yagan), Belgium (VanClee), Spain, Portugal an ithers (it is aften erroneously reportit that some o thir vehicles wur based on the FAF). Housomeivver, the concept o a "seicont-class" caur that wis connectit wi the FAF seems tae hae affectit its manufacture an sales that remained law, in contrast tae the success enjoyed bi some o its predecessors.

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