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Christiaan Huygens

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Christiaan Huygens

Christiaan Huygens (pronoonced in Scots (IPA): [ˈhaɪg ənz]; in Dutch: [ˈhœy γəns]) (14 April 16298 Julie 1695), wis a Dutch mathematician an pheesicist; born in The Hague as the son o Constantijn Huygens. He studied law at the Varsity o Leiden an the College o Orange in Breda afore turnin ti science. It is a guid thing he did, as historians associate Huygens wi the scientific revolution.

Christiaan gets a bit credit for his role in the development o modren calculus. He got note forbye for his arguments that light conseisted o waves; see: wave-particle duality. In 1655, he discovert Saturn's muin Titan. He examined Saturn's planetary rings an aa, an in 1656 he discovert that thae rings conseisted o stanes. In that verra year he observit the Orion Nebula. Uisin his modren telescope he succeeded in resolvin the nebula intil different starns. (The brichter insides o the Orion Nebula bears the name o the Huygens Region in his honour.) He discovert several interstellar nebulae an some double stars an aa.

Aifter Blaise Pascal encouraged him ti dae sae, Huygens wrat the first beuk on probability theory, that he haed furthset in 1657.

He worked on the makkin o accurate clocks, suitable for naval navigation, forbye. In 1658 he furthset a beuk on this topic cried Horologium. Atweill his invention, the Pendulum clock (patented 1656), wis a brakthrou in timekeepin.

The Royal Society made Huygens a member in 1663. In the year 1666 Huygens flitted ti Paris whaur he held a chair at the French Ryal Society. Uisin the Paris Observatory (completit in 1672) he mad further astronomical observations.

  • The 25t o Mairch 1655 he discoverit Titan, the biggest muin o Saturn. Efter a little tide, he made this diskiver: wi the material o stars observaition: "Om Saturnus loopt zijn maan in zestien dagen en vier uur", owerset in Scots: "Saturn's muin turns aroond it in saxteen days an four oors".
Huygens spak aboot "de maan van Saturnus" (the Muin o Saturn) or wis sayin "mine muin". (The name "Titan" wis chosen in 1847 bi John Herschel).

Huygens flittit back ti The Hague in 1681 aifter sufferin serious illness an dee'd thare 14 years later on 8 Julie, 1695.

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