Chittagong Destrict

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Location o Chittagong in Bangladesh

Chittagong Destrict is a destrict locatit in the sooth-eastren region o Bangladesh. It is a pairt o the Chittagong Diveesion. The port ceety o Chittagong, the seicont lairgest ceety in Bangladesh, is locatit in this destrict.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Acause o the natural harbour, Chittagong had been an important location for trade, drawin Arab traders as early as the 9t century CE. The region fell unner the rule o keengs frae Arakan in the 16t an 17t centuries, but later, the Mughal airmy unner Islam Khan conquered Chittagong. Durin the 17t century, the region an aw faced a lot o attacks bi Portuguese pirates. The Mughals established Chittagong as a destrict in 1666. The Chittagong Hill Tracts wur separatit frae Chittagong in 1860. Efter the leeberation o Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar wis separatit intae a destrict in 1984. [1]

Subdiveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

There are 14 Upazilas an 12 Thanas (unner Chittagong Municipal aurie) unner Chittagong destrict. The upazilas are:

  1. Anwara Upazila
  2. Banshkhali Upazila
  3. Boalkhali Upazila
  4. Chandanaish Upazila
  5. Fatikchhari Upazila
  6. Hathazari Upazila
  7. Lohagara Upazila
  8. Mirsharai Upazila
  9. Patiya Upazila
  10. Rangunia Upazila
  11. Raozan Upazila
  12. Sandwip Upazila
  13. Satkania Upazila
  14. Sitakunda Upazila

The thanas are:

  1. Pahartali Thana
  2. Panchlaish Thana
  3. Chittagong Kotwali Thana
  4. Chandgaon Thana
  5. Bandar Thana
  6. Double Mooring Thana
  7. Halishohor Thana
  8. Karnafuly Thana
  9. Bakoliya Thana
  10. Baizid Thana
  11. Patenga Thana
  12. Bhujpur Thana

Religion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Releegion in Chittagong Destrict
Releegion Percent

The destrict o Chittagong consists 13148 mosques, 1025 temples, 535 Buddhist temples an 192 kirks. Fakira Mosque in Hathazari, Musa Khan Mosque, Kura Katni Mosque, 16t century Kala Mosques, Chhuti Khan Mosque, Kadam Mobara Mosque, Andar Killah Mosque, Bakshi Hamid Mosque o Bashkhali are famous mosques in Chittagong. But Badar Awlia Dargah is a tomb in Chittagong.

Places o interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

Airchaeological heritage an relics in Chittagong Destrict include[1]

  • Bronze statues (8t an 9t centuries, in Anwara upazila),
  • Fakira Mosque (Hathazari),
  • Musa Khan Mosque (1658),
  • Kura Katni Mosque (1806),
  • Kala Mosque (16t century),
  • Chhuti Khan Mosque (Mirsharai),
  • Kadam Mobarak Mosque (1719),
  • Andar Killah Mosque, Wali Khan Mosque (1790),
  • Badar Awlia Dargah,
  • Bakshi Hamid Mosque o Banshkhali (1568),
  • Chittagong Court Biggin (1893),
  • Collegiate Schuil, Ethnological Museum (1974).

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