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Chimborazo (volcano)

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The summit of Chimborazo, the point on the Earth's surface that is farthest from the Earth's center.[1]
Heichest pynt
Elevation6,268 m (20,564 ft) [note 1]
Prominence4,123 m (13,527 ft) [3]
Ranit 17t
Isolation846 kilometre (526 mi)
LeetinKinta heich pynt
Coordinates01°28′09″S 78°49′03″W / 1.46917°S 78.81750°W / -1.46917; -78.81750Coordinates: 01°28′09″S 78°49′03″W / 1.46917°S 78.81750°W / -1.46917; -78.81750
Chimborazo is located in Ecuador
Parent rangeAndes, Cordillera Occidental
Topo mapIGM, CT-ÑIV-C1[4]
Age o rockPaleogene[5]
Muntain teepStratovolcano
Last eruption550 AD ± 150 years[6]
Easiest routeGlacier/snaw climb PD

Chimborazo (Spaingie pronunciation: [tʃimboˈɾaso]) is a currently inactive stratovolcano locatit in the Cordillera Occidental range o the Andes. Its last kent eruption is believed tae hae occurred aroond 550 AD.[6]

Wi a peak elevation o 6,268 metre (20,564 ft), Chimborazo is the heichest muntain in Ecuador. It is the heichest peak in close proximity tae the equator. While Chimborazo is nae the heichest muntain bi elevation abuin sea level, its location alang the equatorial bulge maks its summit the farthest pynt on the Yird's surface frae the Yird's center.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The elevation given here wis established bi a differential GPS survey in 1993; see World Mountaineering in the references. The survey wis carried oot bi a team o 10 personnel frae the Schuil o Militar Survey in Newbury, Unitit Kinrick, wirkin in cooperation wi the Ecuadorian Instituto Geografico Militar. Accuracy o ±2 m is claimed.[2] This figure is compatible wi SRTM data an a mair recent GPS measurment, unlik an aulder but still frequently given figure o 6,310 metre (20,702 ft).

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