Chilapa de Álvarez

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Chilapa de Álvarez
Chilapa de Álvarez is located in Mexico
Chilapa de Álvarez
Chilapa de Álvarez
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 17°36′N 99°10′W / 17.600°N 99.167°W / 17.600; -99.167
Kintra Mexico
MunicipalityChilapa de Álvarez
 • Total102,853

Chilapa de Álvarez, informally kent as Chilapa, is a municipality in the Mexican state o Guerrero, approximately 54 kilometres east o state caipital Chilpancingo. It is a vera auld toun, its first offeecial chairter wis issued bi the Aztec govrenment in the 15t century, efter the aurie's conquest bi Moctezuma I in 1458. The Spaingie offeecially designatit the toun as Chilapa de Santa Maria de Asuncion in 1522, in the late 19t century it wis renamit Chilapa de Álvarez in honor o Mexican preses Juan Álvarez. Traces o human occupation in the aurie date tae at least 1200 BC.

The year 2000 census coontit 102,853 bodies in the municipality.

Chilapa is notit for its muckle Seturday tianguis, or Aztec mercat. Local culinar specialities o Chilapa are pozole, chalupas, pan de chilapa bread, an hamemade mezcal. The municipal cathedral haes a mechanical figurine o Juan Diego, who appears at a windae in the cathedral spire an drops rose petals ontae the plaza belaw.

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