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Municipal seat an ceety
Chichihualco is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 17°41′N 99°39′W / 17.683°N 99.650°W / 17.683; -99.650
Country Mexico
MunicipalityLeonardo Bravo
 • Total10,079

Chichihualco is a ceety in the sooth o Mexico. It shapes the admeenistrative centre o the municipality o Leonardo Bravo, foond in the centre o Guerrero state aboot 21 kilometres northwast o the state caipital, Chilpancingo.

Accordin tae Mexico’s Naitional Institute o Statistics, Geografie an Data Processing (INEGI), the ceety wis hame tae 4,783 men an 5,296 weemen, a total of 10,079 inhabitants in 2005. It is foond at a altitude o 1,140 metres abuin mean sea level, a latitude o 17°39′28″ north an a langitude o 99°40′35″ wast.[1]

In the local Nahuatl leid, the name leeterally means ‘in the bosom’, translatit as ‘place whaur they suckle’ or ‘place o the wet nourices’.[2]


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Coordinates: 17°41′N 99°39′W / 17.683°N 99.650°W / 17.683; -99.650