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Fleet Admiral
Chester W. Nimitz
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz portrait.jpg
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz portrait
Birth name Chester William Nimitz
Born 24 Februar 1885(1885-02-24)
Fredericksburg, Texas, U.S.
Dee'd 20 Februar 1966(1966-02-20) (aged 80)
Yerba Buena Island, Californie, U.S.
Buried at Gowden Gate Naitional Seemetry
San Bruno, Californie, U.S.
Allegiance  Unitit States o Americae
Service/branch  Unitit States Navy
Years o service 1905–1966[1]
Rank US-O11 insignia.svg Fleet Admiral
Service number 5572
Commands held Chief o Naval Operations
U.S. Paceefic Fleet & Paceefic Ocean Auries
Awairds Navy Distinguished Service Medal (4)
Airmy Distinguished Service Medal
Knicht Grand Cross o the Order o the Bath (Unitit Kinrick)
Legion o Honour (Fraunce)
Philippine Medal o Valor
Ither wirk Regent o the Varsity o Californie
Signatur Chester Nimitz signature.svg

Chester William Nimitz (Februar 24, 1885 – Februar 20, 1966) wis a fleet admiral o the Unitit States Navy.

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