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Chemical wappen
Pallets o 155 mm artillery shells conteenin "HD" (distilled sulfur mustard agent) at Pueblo Depot Activity (PUDA) chemical wappens storage facility
Blister augents
Phosgene oxime (CX)
Lewisite (L)
Sulfur Mustard (Yperite) (HD)
Nitrogen Mustard (HN)
Nerve augents
Tabun (GA)
Sarin (GB)
Soman (GD)
Cyclosarin (GF)
Bluid augents
Cyanogen chloride (CK)
Hydrogen cyanide (AC)
Chokin augents
Chloropicrin (PS)
Phosgene (CG)
Diphosgene (DP)
Chlorine (CI)
Soviet chemical weapons canisters from a stockpile in Albania.jpg
Soviet chemical wappens canister frae an Albanian stockpile.[1]

A chemical wappen (CW) is a specialised munition that uises chemicals formulatit tae inflict daith or hairm on human beins. The Organisation for the Prohibeetion o Chemical Wappens (OPCW) states: "The term chemical wappen mey an aa be applee'd tae ony toxic chemical or its precursor that can cause daith, injury, temporary incapacitation or sensory irritation throu its chemical action. Muneetions or ither delivery devices designed tae deliver chemical wappens, whether filled or unfilled, are an aa considered wappens themsels."[2]

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