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Charles K. Kao

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The Honourable

Sir Charles Kuen Kao

Charles K. Kao receivin an honorary degree frae Princeton Varsity in 2004
Native name高錕
Born4 November 1933(1933-11-04)
Shanghai, Cheenae[1]
Dee'd23 September 2018 (aged 84)
Hong Kong
ResidenceRepublic o Cheenae (1933–1948)
Hong Kong (1949–present)[2]
Unitit Kinrick (1952–1970)
Unitit States
CitizenshipUnitit States
Unitit Kinrick[1]
Alma materUniversity College London (PhD 1965, issued bi Varsity o Lunnon)
Varsity o Greenwich (BSc 1957, issued bi Varsity o Lunnon)
Kent forFiber optics
Fiber-optic communication
Scientific career
InstitutionsThe Cheenese Varsity o Hong Kong
ITT Corporation
Yale Varsity
Standard Telephones and Cables
Doctoral advisorHarold Barlow
Charles K. Kao
Traditional Chinese高錕
Simplified Chinese高锟

Sir Charles Kuen Kao,[5] GBM,[6] KBE,[7] FRS,[8] FREng[9] (born 4 November 1933; deed 23 September 2018) wis a Cheenese-born Hong Kong electrical ingineer an pheesicist wha pioneered the development an uise o fiber optics in telecommunications.

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