Charles II, Keeng o Scots

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Charles II
King Charles II by John Michael Wright or studio.jpg
Charles II in the robes o the Order o the Garter, bi John Michael Wright or studio, c. 1660–1665
Keeng o Ingland, Scotland, an Ireland (mair...)
Ring 29 Mey 166 –
6 February 1685
Coronation 23 Aprile 1661
Predecessor Charles I
Successor James II & VII
Keeng o Scotland
Ring 30 Januar 1649 –
3 September 1651
Coronation 1 Januar 1651
Predecessor Charles I
Successor Militar govrenment
Born 29 Mey 1630(1630-05-29)
(N.S.: 8 Juin 1630)
St James's Palace, Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd 6 Februar 1685(1685-02-06) (aged 54)
(N.S.: 16 Februar 1685)
Whitehall Palace, Lunnon
Buirial Westminster Abbey, Lunnon
Spouse Catherine o Braganza
Hoose House o Stuart
Faither Charles I
Mither Henrietta Maria o Fraunce
Releegion Kirk o Ingland, convertit tae Roman Catholicism on his daithbed
Seegnatur Charles II's signature

Charles II, Keeng o Scots (29 Mey 1630-6 Februar 1685) wis a Scots keeng.