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Nobel prize medal.svg Charles Hard Townes
Charles Hard Townes-Nibib-2007-retouched.jpg
Townes in 2007
Born Julie 28, 1915(1915-07-28)
Greenville, Sooth Carolina
Died Januar 27, 2015(2015-01-27) (aged 99)
Berkeley, California
Residence United States
Naitionality American
Fields Physics
Institutions Berkeley
Bell Labs
Institute for Defense Analyses
University Of Michigan
Alma mater Furman University (B.S. & B.A.)
Duke University (M.A.)
Caltech (Ph.D.)
Doctoral advisor William Smythe
Doctoral students Ali Javan
James P. Gordon
Robert Boyd
Raymond Y. Chiao
Kent for Inventing the Maser
Notable awairds Comstock Prize in Physics (1958)
Young Medal and Prize (1963)
Nobel Prize in Physics (1964)
IEEE Medal of Honor (1967)
National Medal of Science (1982)
Lomonosov Gold Medal (2000)
Vannevar Bush Award (2006)
SPIE Gold Medal (2010)

Charles Hard Townes (Julie 28, 1915 – Januar 27, 2015) wis an American Nobel Prize-winnin pheesicist[1] an educator.

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