Charles Bell

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Sir Charles Bell
Sir Charles Bell
Born 12 November 1774
Died 28 Aprile 1842(1842-04-28) (aged 67)
Hallow Park, Worcestershire
Naitionality Breetish
Fields Anatomy
Institutions Surgeon, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (1799-)
Practisin surgeon, Lunnon (1804-)
Principal Lecturer, Great Windmill Street School of Anatomy (1812-25)
Lectured at Middlesex Hospital etc (1812-36)
Professor o Surgery, Edinburgh Varsity (1836-42)
Alma mater Edinburgh Varsity
Kent for Authority on the human nervous seestem
Notable awairds Ryal Medal (1829)
Author of "Treatise on Animal Mechanics", "An Essay on the Hand, its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design"

Sir Charles Bell KH FRS FRSE FRCSE MWS (12 November 1774 – 28 Apryle 1842) wis a Scots surgeon, anatomist, pheesiologist, neurologist, airtist, an filosofical theologian.