Chainel Tunnel

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Coordinates: 51°00′45″N 1°30′15″E / 51.0125°N 1.5041°E / 51.0125; 1.5041

Cairt o the Chainel Tunnel atween the Unitit Kinrick an Fraunce

The Chainel Tunnel (Inglis: The Channel Tunnel, French: Le tunnel sous la Manche), whiles kent as the Chunnel or Eurotunnel, is a 50.5 kilometre (31.4 mile) unnersea rail tunnel jynin the Unitit Kinrick an Fraunce, rinnin aneath the Inglis Chainel at the Strait o Dover, connectin Folkestone, Kent in Ingland tae Coquelles naur Calais in northren Fraunce. It is the seicont langest unnersea tunnel in the warld (efter Japan's Seikan Tunnel).