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Category:Uiser sco-2

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This uiser can contreebute wi a middlin level o Scots.

Fowk for ordinar awairds theirsels sco-2 acause they seem tae can read Scots nae bather, weel, apairt frae the antrin wird, but that's nocht a swith swatch at dictionar winna sort. O coorse a passeeve ken o, an a acteeve abeelity tae reproduce Scots is twa unalike beasties. The affcome is at best Scotched English or, waur, juist a body middlin by stappin airticles fou wi a sair guddle o orra spellins, grammar an eediom, fause analogies an wirds uised in the wrang context. For them that's no growen up speakin Scots, an mair aften nor no for them an aw, writin it means haein tae tak the time tae learn hou tae dae juist that. That's for ordinar duin afore pittin the spuin in amang airticles.