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Catarrhal Noise is a hard rock/hivy metal baund frae Noale, Veneto, Italy.

The baund wis foondit in September 1994, whan Albyzzo an Ruzo (later kent as Bullo) chose the name efter a deep search inside an Inglis dictionar.

They sang in Venetian, that is vera hard tae unnerstand for foreigners, an even for an Italian livin ootside Veneto. Moreover, their leerics ar off-the-wall, wi a hivy uise o colloquial terms: a common concept in their concerts is the ane o rujo, that can be approximately translated as extreme rudeness an unpoliteness an is aften a term applied tae fowk livin in the kintra.

Onyway, the baund wis able tae create a lairge followin in Veneto an in ither parts o northren Italy thanks tae their hichtlie energetic live shows.

They hae successfully gien 300 concerts, alternatin pouerful metal sangs wi comic segments. On 3 Julie 2004 they even opened a concert for legendary thrash metal baund Anthrax.[1]

Syne then, they hae headlined several important independent hard rock festivals in Veneto, sic as Monteciorock in Montecchio Maggiore,[2] Rockonte in Villa del Conte[3] an MarcOn Festival in Marcon.[4]

On 17 October 2007 sangster Bullo announced that aw the ither members haed left Catarrhal Noise. The baund is nou on an indefinite hiatus.[5]

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The group is currently on hiatus.

Past[eedit | eedit soorce]

Regularly guest-starrin on their albums an concerts wis Herman Medrano, a Venetian rapper.

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