Catalan Republic (2017)

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Catalan Republic
República Catalana  (Catalan)
República Catalana  (Spaingie)
Republica Catalana  (Occitan)
Banner o Catalonie
Anthem: Els Segadors (Catalan)
"The Reapers"
Location o the Catalan Republic athin Europe
Location o the Catalan Republic athin Europe
Status Proposed unrecognized state
Caipital Barcelona
Common leids
Demonym Catalan
Govrenment Republic
1 October 2017
• Declared
27 October 2017
30 October 2017
• Declaration annulled
8 November 2017
  1. Uised unilaterally; the Catalan Republic wis no a formal member o the Eurozone.
  2. Unner the Law o juridical transition an foondation o the Republic, local, autonomic an state regulations in force in Catalonie at the time o entry intae force o this Law continued tae applee unless in contravention wi it. This includit Catalonie's offeecial simbologie as providit unner the Statute o Autonomy o Catalonie an ither laws.
  3. On 31 October 2017, the unthirldom declaration wis suspendit bi the Constitutional Coort o Spain.

The Catalan Republic (Catalan: República Catalana) wis a proponit unrecognisit secessionist state that declared unthirldom frae Spain on 27 October 2017.[1] The Spaingie Govrenment imposit direct rule unner Airticle 155 o its constitution i reaction tae this.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "Catalan parliament votes to declare independence from Spain". Guardian. 27 October 2017. Retrieved 27 October 2017.  (in Inglis)

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