Catalan Republic (2017)

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Catalan Republic
República Catalana
Banner o Catalonie
Seal(de facto) o Catalonie
Banner Seal
(de facto)
Anthem: Els Segadors (The Reapers)
Location o the Catalan Republic within Europe.
Location o the Catalan Republic within Europe.
Status Disputit
an lairgest ceety
Offeecial leids Catalan
Ethnic groups Catalans, Occitans, Spainiards
Demonym Catalan
Govrenment Republic unner proveesional govrenment
• Preses
Carles Puigdemont (2017)
• Vice Preses
Oriol Junqueras (2017)
Legislatur Pairlament o Catalonie
1 October 2017
27 October 2017
27 October 2017
• 2016 census
7.523 million
HDI (2014) 0.894[1]
very heich
Siller Euro ()a (EUR)
Time zone CEST (UTC+2)
Drives on the richt
Cawin code +34 93 (Barcelona aurie)
+34 97 (rest o Catalonie)
Patron saunt Saunt George (Sant Jordi)
Internet TLD .cat
  1. Uised unilaterally; the Catalan Republic is nae a formal member o the Eurozone.

The Catalan Republic (Catalan: República Catalana) is a disputit state in the Iberian peninsula, declarin unthirldom frae Spain on 27 October 2017.[2] The Spaingie Govrenment imposit direct rule unner Airticle 155 o its constitution i reaction tae this.

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