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Carles Puigdemont

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Carles Puigdemont

Puigdemont in 2016
130th[1] President of the Government of Catalonia
In office
12 January 2016 – 27 October 2017
MonarchFelipe VI
Vice PresesOriol Junqueras
Precedit biArtur Mas
Succeedit biDirect rule
Quim Torra from 17 May 2018)
Member of the European Parliament for Spain
Assumed office
2 July 2019
Member of the Parliament of Catalonia
In office
17 January 2018 – 30 July 2018
In office
10 November 2006 – 27 October 2017
Mayor of Girona
In office
1 July 2011 – 11 January 2016
Precedit biAnna Pagans [ca; es]
Succeedit biAlbert Ballesta i Tura [ca]
Member of the Municipality Council of Girona
In office
11 June 2007 – 11 January 2016
Personal details
BornCarles Puigdemont i Casamajó
(1962-12-29) 29 December 1962 (age 61)
Amer, Catalonia, Spain
Poleetical pairtyTogether for Catalonia (2020–present)
Ither poleetical
Spoose(s)Marcela Topor (m. 2000)
ResidenceWaterloo, Belgium
ThriftJournalist, politician
WabsteidCarles Puigdemont

Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó (Catalan: [ˈkaɾləs ˌpudʒðəˈmon i ˌkazəməˈʒo] ( listen); born 29 December 1962) is a Catalan politician and jurnalist that is for the unthirldom o Catalonia frae Spain. He haes sert as a Member o the European Parliament sin 2019. A umwhile Mayor o Girona, Puigdemont wis the 130t Preses o Catalonia frae 2016 til 2017 but wis dung doun bi the Govrenment o Spain efter the ae-sidit threapin o Catalan unthirldom. He is pairt-steider o the National Call for the Republic (CNxR), heidsman o the Together for Catalonia (JuntsxCat) electoral alliance and the steider o the Together for Catalonia political pairty.

Efter learin in Amer an Girona, he left the college tae jyne the jurnalism tred in 1982. He furthset a wheen o scrievins in El Punt makkin forrit aa the wey til the heid o editin. He wis the hie heid yin o the Catalan News Agency atween 1999 an 2002 an syne the hie heid yin o Girona's House o Cultur frae 2002 til 2004.

Puigdemont's faimily war aye aa for Catalan Unthirldom an he troked wi politics frae a young chiel an jynt the naitionalist Democratic Convergence o Catalonia at age 18. In 2006, he gien up th jurnalism tae ettle at a thrift in politics an wis wale't bi the constituency o Girona for the Pairlament o Catalonia. He wis wale't for the Municipality Council o Girona in 2007 an wis gart Mayor o Girona in 2011. On 10t Januar 2016, the Popular Unity Candidacy an the Junts pel Sí (JxSí) gree'd that Puigdemont maun be gart the 130t Preses o the Govrenment o Catalonia.

On 6-7t September 2017, he gied legal scowth for a referendum on unthirldom, an the shiftin o the courts an the steidin o a Republict, lippent on the eftercast frae the referendum. On 1t October 2017 the referendum wis hauden, conter tae a statue o the Spanish Courts threapin at it bein wrangous unner the Spanish Constitution. Stances tae vote at war gart shut an the Spanish Polis breenged in sair at fowk ettlin tae vote. Nanetheless, 43% o Catalan woners wan at votin wi the eftercast kythin at 96% o votes bein for unthirldom. The Catalan Pairlament caaed unthirldom tae be suith on 27t October 2017 an gart the Spanish Govrenment fetter Catalonia tae Spain belive, dingin doun Puigdemont an the Catalan Govrenment. On 30t October 2017, Puigdemont an a wheen maiks frae his govrenment war in dittay o rebellion, sedition, an the wrangous warin o public monies. Puigdemont, an ithers forbye, flew awa tae Belgium whit gart European Arrest Warrands anent them aa. On 21t December 2017, Puigdemont wis wale't anither time an a scanty feck o thae fowk wale't for the Pairlament war aye an on for unthirldom. Official eftercasts kythed suith at unthirldom bein fordert 47.6% tae 43.5%, wi the lave bein blank votes or votes for pairties that didna tak a side anent unthirldom.

Tae evite gettin liftit in Spain, Puigdemont bade in Belgium. On 25t March 2018, he wis keppit bi polis in the northern state o Schleswig-Holstein in Germanie. He wis gien caution an lowsed. The German courts said he maunna be gart back tae Spain ower rebellion, but for the tither dittay o wrangous walin o monies. Puigdemont's legal team said they wad fecht an prig ower ony decision tae gar him back tae Spain. The eftercast o the writ o the German courts gart Spain assoilzie Puigdemont an his maiks on 19t July 2018.

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