Catalan unthirldom referendum, 2017

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Catalan Independence referendum, 2017
Do you want Catalonia to become a Independent state in the form of republic?
LocationCatalonia, Spain
Date1 October 2017 (2017-10-01)
Votes %
Aye 2,020,144 91.96%
Na 176,565 8.04%
Valid votes 2,196,709 97.10%
Invalid or blank votes 65,715 2.9%
Tot votes 2,262,424 100.00%
Registered voters/turnoot 5,343,358 42.34%
Results bi county
Proveesional results.
Source: Generalitat de Catalunya

The regional Govrenment o Catalonie organised a referendum on Catalan unthirldom for 1 October 2017.[1] The results wis 91.96% fur unthirldom on a participation rate o 42.34%.[2] The Spainish polis raidit pollin stations, maistly in Barcelona, fangin pollin material. 840 voters goat skept wi batons an rubber bullets aff the polis.[3][4][5] Acause o the raids, the Catalan government estimates that thereabout 770,000 votes wis fangt an cudnae be countit.[6]

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