But'n'Ben A-Go-Go

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But 'n' Ben A-Go-Go is a science fiction wark bi Scots writer Matthew Fitt, notable for bein halely in the Scots leid. The novelle wis first furthset in 2000. Accordin tae the author, as mony o the sindry byleids o Scots as possible wis uised, includin mony neologisms – imaginin hou Scots micht hae developit bi 2090. The lack o a glossary micht be seen as a baurier, but the feck o the wirds shoud be accessible tae maist Scots readers. The reviewer Stephen Naysmith descrives the byleid uised in the beuk as 'a hybrid of Lallans, peppered with wirds from Dundee, Aberdeen and elsewhere'.[1] Houaniver, e'en for some fowk born in Scotland an familiar wi Scots, the beuk is difficult tae read an borraes liberally frae the graimar o the German an the Dutch for mony o the wirds.[citation needit]

Plat[eedit | eedit soorce]

The yeir is 2090. Warldwide fluidin haes left maistlins aw o the Scots peninsula unner watter. The descendants o the fowk that pit ower God's Fluid in 2039 bide in a community o flotin isle cities kent collecteevely as Port. Each flotin ceety (or Parish) is attatcht bi steel cables tae the sea-bed seiven hunder metres belaw at whit uised tae be the toun o Greenock.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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