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The Bundestag ("Federal Diet" or "Lower Hoose o German Pairlament") is the pairlament o Germany. It wis establisht wi Germany's consteetution o 1949 an is the successor o the earlier Reichstag. The current Presses o the Bundestag is Bärbel Bas.

The'r at least 598 Commissioners tae the German Bundestag (MDB - Member o Bundestag) the nou. MDBs is waled bi a seestem o proportional representation - the Addeetional Member Seestem (AMS) like the Scots Pairlament. 299 Commisioners is waled in individual constituencies, an 299 or mair is waled frae regional pairtie leets.

Efter the elections o September 2021, the'r 736 Commissioners, an the strenth o the pairties in the Pairlament is:

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Coordinates: 52°31′07″N 13°22′34″E / 52.51861°N 13.37611°E / 52.51861; 13.37611