Bujar Nishani

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Bujar Nishani
6t Preses o Albanie
In office
24 Julie 2012 – 24 Julie 2017
Prime MeenisterSali Berisha
Precedit biBamir Topi
Succeedit biIlir Meta
Meenister o the Interior
In office
25 Aprile 2011 – 12 Juin 2012
Prime MeenisterSali Berisha
Precedit biLulzim Basha
Succeedit biFlamur Noka
In office
20 Mairch 2007 – 17 September 2009
Prime MeenisterSali Berisha
Precedit biGjergj Lezhja (Acting)
Succeedit biLulzim Basha
Meenister o Justice
In office
17 September 2009 – 25 Aprile 2011
Prime MeenisterSali Berisha
Precedit biEnkelejd Alibeaj
Succeedit biEduard Halimi
Personal details
Born29 September 1966(1966-09-29)
Durrës, Albanie
Dee'd28 Mey 2022 (aged 55)
Poleetical pairtyDemocratic Pairty
Spoose(s)Odeta Nishani
BairnsErsi (born 1995)
Fiona (born 1999)
Alma materSkanderbeg Militar Varsity
Varsity o Tirana
ReligionSunni Islam
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid

Bujar Faik Nishani (born 29 September 1966; deed 28 Mey 2022; Albanian pronunciation: [buˌjaɹ niˈʃani]); wis Preses o Albanie frae Julie 2012 tae Julie 2017. At the time o his election, Nishani wis a member o the Democratic Pairty o Albanie, an MP, an the Meenister o Interior. Constitutionally he haed tae resign aw three posts due tae his election as Preses. The Albanian Parliament electit Nishani as Preses wi a simple majority o 73 votes oot o 140, wioot consensus frae the opposeetion.

Personal life an eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bujar Nishani wis born in Durrës, Albanie on 29 September 1966. In 1988, he graduatit frae the Militar Academy "Skënderbej". In 1996, he followed his master studies in San Antonio, Texas an Californie. In 2004, he graduatit at the Law Faculty o Varsity o Tirana. He completit his master in European studies.[1] Nishani suffers frae a disease. He is operatit in brain bluid vessels an nou his left haund an his left leg move wi difficulty.[2]

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bujar Nishani jyned the Democratic Pairty o Albanie in 1991, efter the faw o communism. He wirked as chief o foreign relations in the Meenistry o Defense an then as heid o the affice o NATO relations in the Meenistry o Foreign Affairs. In 1996, he wis appyntit meenister o defense.[1]

Efter the Democratic Pairty lost the 1997 parliamentary election, he lost his affice an acame chairman o the NGO for Euro-Atlantic Airmy. In 2001 he wis electit general secretary o the DP's branch in Tirana an in 2004 member o the Tirana ceety cooncil.[1]

He wan the 2005 election in the 34t electoral zone in the caipital against the Meenister o Polis an Security, Igli Toska. Efter leadin the Naitional Security Parliamentary Commission he wis nominatit as Meenister o the Interior bi Prime Meenister Sali Berisha, an in September 2009, efter a second electoral victory he wis nominated as Meenister o Justice.[1] In 2011 he replaced Lulzim Basha as Meenister o the Interior.[3]

On 12 Juin 2012, efter winnin the presidential election, Nishani resigned as Meenister o Interior.[4]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nishani is married tae Odeta Nishani an haes 2 childer.

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