Buick Model B

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Buick Model 14

The Buick Model B wis Buick's first model. It wis built in Jackson, Michigan an wis introducit in 1905 at the New York Auto Show.[1] William C. Durant introducit the caur hissel at the exhibit, an teuk new caur orders at the caur shaw. It haed a 2-cylinder, horizontally opposit ingine instalwed lenthwise athin the frame, haed a planetar transmission, wi a cone clutch an twa forrit speeds an ane reverse gear. The ingine wis ratit at 21 bhp. In later years, it wis renamit as impruivements wur made.

  • Model B (1904)
  • Model C (1905)
  • Model F & G (1906–1910)
  • Model 14 & 14B (1910–1911)

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