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Buick GL8

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The Buick GL8 is a minivan sauld bi General Motors' Buick division in Cheenae. Introduced in 2000, the GL8 is seemilar tae the Pontiac Montana. Unlik ither GM minivans, a ruif rack wis niver affered. It wis redesigned for 2005; housomeivver, it haes a mair aerodynamic an futuristic leuk than its American an Canadian coonterpairts, the Buick Terraza, the Chevrolet Uplander, the Pontiac Montana, an the Saturn Relay.

The regular wheelbase GL8 is kent as the GL8 2.5 while the extendit wheelbase variant is cawed the GL8 Firstland. Thare are fower trim levels available, cawed the LT, CT1, CT2, an GT (which is ae available on the Firstland). In October 2001, the first bunch o Buick GL10s (10 passenger versions o the 1st-generation GL8) war exportit tae the Philippines.



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In 2001, the Buick GL8 XEA1 or Phoenix wis developed as a collaboration atween General Motors an Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The Buick GL8 XAE1 is a hybrid vehicle that uises a 35 kW fuel cell an compressed hydrogen gas tae deliver its pouer. The General Motors Phoenix wis offeecially unveiled at the Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center in Cheenae in the year 2001.

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