British Librar

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British Librar
British library london.jpg
Picturt frae the piazza
KintraUnitit Kinrick
TypeNaitional leebrary
Established1 July 1973 (49 years ago) (1 July 1973)
LocationEuston Road
Lunnon, NW1
Coordinates51°31′46″N 0°07′37″W / 51.52944°N 0.12694°W / 51.52944; -0.12694Coordinates: 51°31′46″N 0°07′37″W / 51.52944°N 0.12694°W / 51.52944; -0.12694
Branches1 (Boston Spa, Wast Yorkshire)
Items collectitBeuks, jurnals, newspapers, magazines, soond an muisic recordins, patents, databases, maps, stamps, prents, drawings an manuscripts
Size170–200 million+[1][2][3][4] items

13,950,000 beuks[5]
824,101 serial teetles
351,116 manuscripts (single an vollums)
8,266,276 philatelic items
4,347,505 cartographic items
1,607,885 muisic scores

6,000,000 soond recordins
Legal depositYes, providit in law bi:
Access and use
Access requirementsAppen tae onyane wi a need tae uise the collections an services
Other information
Budget£142 million[5]
DirectorRoly Keating (chief executive, syne 12 September 2012)

The British Librar (Inglis: British Library) is the naitional librar o the Unitit Kinrick[6] an the lairgest librar in the warld bi nummer o items catalogued. It is estimate tae haud mair nor 170–200 million[7][8][3][4] items frae mony kintras.

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