British Leyland

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British Leyland
Industrie Automotive
Fate Renamed
Successor Rover Group
Foondit 1968; 51 years ago (1968)
Defunct 1986; 33 years ago (1986)
Heidquarters Longbridge (Austin Rover), Birmingham
Cowley, Oxfordshire
, United Kingdom
Key fowk
Products Motor vehicles
Nummer o employees

British Leyland wis an automotive engineering an manufacturing conglomerate formed in the United Kingdom in 1968 as British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd (BLMC), follaein the merger o Leyland Motors an British Motor Holdings. It wis partly nationalised in 1975, when the UK govrenment creautit a holding company cried British Leyland, later BL, in 1978.[1][2] It incorporated much o the British-owned motor vehicle industry, which constituted 40 percent o the UK car mercat, wi roots going back tae 1895.

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