Land Rover

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Land Rover
Buist o Jaguar Land Rover
Industrie Automotive
Foondit Buist first uised in 1948[1]
Heidquarters Whitley, Coventry, Unitit Kinrick[2]
Key fowk
Ralf Speth (CEO)
John Edwards (Global Brand Director)[3]
Products Automobiles
Awner Tata Motors
Parent Jaguar Land Rover
Land Rover marque
Ainer Tata Motors
Mercats Automotive
Previous ainers 1948–1967 Rover Company
1967–1968 Leyland Motor Corporation
1968–1986 British Leyland
1986–2000 Rover Group
2000–2008 Ford Motor Company

Land Rover is a buist o the Breetish caur manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, which specialises in fower-wheel-drive vehicles.[4] Jaguar Land Rover, wi its heidquairters in Whitley, Coventry, wis acquired bi Tata Motors, a Indie company, in 2008.[5]

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