Brig o Earn

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Bridge of Earn
Bridge of Earn from Moncreiffe Hill - - 112167.jpg
Bridge of Earn is located in Scotland
Bridge of Earn
Bridge of Earn
Location within Scotland
OS grid referenceNO1102
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictPH
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
56°21′03″N 3°24′05″W / 56.350905°N 3.401250°W / 56.350905; -3.401250Coordinates: 56°21′03″N 3°24′05″W / 56.350905°N 3.401250°W / 56.350905; -3.401250

Bridge of Earn (Scots Gaelic: Drochaid Èireann) is a wee toun in Perthshire, Scotland. Aften referred tae simply as 'The Brig' (Scots for 'bridge'). The veellage grew up on the sooth bank o an important crossing o the River Earn, whase sandstane brig existed frae at least the early 14t century, whan it is kent tae haev been repaired bi order o Keeng Robert I o Scotland (1306–1329) (site: NO 133 185). Substantial remains o the medieval bridge (rendered redundant bi a replacement, still in uise, slightly upstream in 1821-22) survived intae the 1970s, whan awmaist aw the stanework wis demolished, for allegedly being in a dangerously ruinous condition. This ancient bridge wis a major landmark on the road atween Edinburgh (39 mile south) an Perth (4 mile north) for several centuries. The village's auldest houses are tae be found lining the road (Back Street/Old Edinburgh Road) leading sooth frae the site o the demolished brig. Among them are some wi 18t-century datestanes.

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