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Bress is an alloy o copper an zinc. For ordinar it is mair nor 50% copper. Some types o bress is cried bronzes, mauger thair heich zinc content.

Ither uises[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bress or Bres is the Gaelic god o healing, fertility an agriculture. Bres wis an aa the name o the Fomorian prince who became the first king o the united Tylweth Teg, wi his consort Brigid.

Bress is a polite wey o defining something's excellence, wioot uisin harsh (the shit) or potty language (the tits). Example: "This IPA is the bress." Syne its conception, 'bress' haes been uised in a diluted form as a replacement for the wird 'best'. Tho nae wholly backed bi the Bress Buird, the substitution is still quite common.

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