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Bress is an alloy o copper an zinc. For ordinar it is mair nor 50% copper. Some types o bress is cried bronzes, mauger thair heich zinc content.

Ither uises[eedit | eedit soorce]

ISO 639 Icon sco.svg This airticle is aw or maistly scrieven in Inglis. Gin ye can, please pit it ower intae Scots.

Bress or Bres is the Gaelic god of healing, fertility and agriculture. Bres was also the name of the Fomorian prince who became the first king of the united Tylweth Teg, with his consort Brigid.

Bress is a polite way of defining something's excellence, without using harsh (the shit) or potty language (the tits). Example: "This IPA is the bress." Since its conception, 'bress' has been used in a diluted form as a replacement for the word 'best'. Though not wholly backed by the Bress Board, the substitution is still quite common.

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