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Bosaso is located in Somalie
Location in Somalie.
Coordinates: 11°17′5″N 49°10′57″E / 11.28472°N 49.18250°E / 11.28472; 49.18250
Kintra Somalie
Foondit14t century
 • Mayorabdisalan bashir abdisalan
15 m (49 ft)
 • Total1,000,000
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Bosaso (Somali: Boosaaso, Arabic: بوساسو‎) is a ceety in northren Somalie, which serves as the naition's main port. Situatit on the soothren coast o the Gulf o Aden (11°17′0.70″N 49°10′52.10″E / 11.2835278°N 49.1811389°E / 11.2835278; 49.1811389) at the estuary of Baalade Wadi, it is the commercial capital of the Bari region (gobolka) in the autonomous Puntland macro-region.

Relatively stable in comparison tae the soothren pairts o Somalie,[1] Bosaso is a rapidly growin ceety. As wi Hargeisa, Burao an Galkacyo, the brisk construction it haes enjoyed o late has lairgely been financed bi Somalis frae the diaspora. Bosaso haes grown exponentially since the civil war, as it haes attractit fowk frae aw ower the kintra. Economically, it is actually doing better nou than it wis prior tae the war.

Bosaso is an' a' a major port for boats carryin emigrants athort the Gulf o Aden tae settle (sometimes illegally) in Yemen, Saudi Arabie, an the ither Persian Gulf states.[1] Khat is an aa shipped frae the port.

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Coordinates: 11°17′N 49°11′E / 11.283°N 49.183°E / 11.283; 49.183