Boeing 767

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Boeing 767
Boeing 767-300
Role Wide-bouk jet airliner
Naitional oreegin Unitit States
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes
First flicht 26 September 1981 (1981-09-26)
Introduction September 8, 1982 wi United Airlines
Status In service
Primar uisers Delta Air Lines
UPS Airlines
American Airlines
All Nippon Airways
Produced 1981–present
Nummer biggit 1,103 throu September 2017[1]
Unit cost
767-300ER: US$185.8 million (2013)[2]
767-300F: US$188.0 million (2013)[2]

The Boeing 767 is an American mid tae lang-haul, mid tae lairge-size widebouk, twin-ingine jet airliner made bi Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

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