Delta Air Lines

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Delta Air Lines
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IATA ICAO Callsign
FoonditMey 30, 1924; 96 years ago (1924-05-30)
(as Huff Daland Dusters)
Macon, Georgie, US[1]
Commenced operationsJuin 17, 1929; 91 years ago (1929-06-17)[2]
AOC #DALA026A[3]
Frequent-fleer programSkyMiles[6]
Fleet size743 (mainline only)[9]
Destinations247 (mainline only)[10]
Company sloganKeep Climbing
HeidquartersAtlanta, Georgie, USA
Key fowkRichard H. Anderson (CEO)
Edward Bastian (Preses)
RevenueDecrease US$ 39.639 billion (2016)
Operatin incomeDecrease US$ 6.952 billion (2016)[11]
Net incomeDecrease US$ 4.373 billion (2016)
Tot assetsDecrease US$ 51.256 billion (2016)
Tot equityIncrease US$ 12.263 billion (2016)
Employees80,000 (2015)

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a major American airline, heidquairtered in Atlanta, Georgie.[12] The airline operates a extensive domestic an internaitional netwirk servin sax continents. Delta Air Lines an its subsidiaries operate ower 5,000 flichts ivery day an hae approximately 80,000 employees.[13] The airline's hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internaitional Airport is the warld's largest airline hub, wi Hartsfield-Jackson bein the warld's busiest airport bi passenger traffec (ower 91 million passengers per year) an nummer o landings an takeoffs; it is hame tae Delta's Technical Operations Center an aw.[14] Delta is the saxt-auldest operatin airline bi foondation date, an the auldest airline still operatin in the Unitit States. Delta Air Lines is ane o the fower foondin members o the SkyTeam airline alliance,[13] the ither three bein Korean Air, Air France, an Aeroméxico. The lyalty program for Delta Air Lines is SkyMiles. Delta Air Lines wis the warld's largest airline in terms o fleet size in 2011[15] an scheduled passenger traffeck in 2012,[16] an the seicont-lairgest in terms o revenue passenger-kilometres flewn in 2012.[17] Regional service for the airline is servit bi Delta Connection.

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