Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Internaitional Airport

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Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Airport teep Public
Awner Ceety o Atlanta
Operator Depairtment o Aviation
Serves Atlanta, Georgie
Location unincorporatit auries, Atlanta, College Pairk, an Hapeville
Fulton & Clayton Coonties
Hub for
Focus ceety for Soothwast Airlines
Elevation AMSL 1,026 ft / 313 m
Coordinates 33°38′12″N 084°25′41″W / 33.63667°N 84.42806°W / 33.63667; -84.42806Coordinates: 33°38′12″N 084°25′41″W / 33.63667°N 84.42806°W / 33.63667; -84.42806
Website atlanta-airport.com
FAA airport diagram
ATL is located in Metro Atlanta
Location o airport in Metro Atlanta
Direction Length Surface
ft m
8L/26R 9,000 2,743 Concrete
8R/26L 10,000 3,048 Concrete
9L/27R 12,390 3,776 Concrete
9R/27L 9,001 2,743 Concrete
10/28 9,000 2,743 Concrete
Nummer Length Surface
ft m
H1 52 16 Asphalt
Statistics (2010[1])
Aircraft operations 950,119
Passengers 89,331,622

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA: ATLICAO: KATLFAA LID: ATL), known locally as Atlanta Airport, Hartsfield, an Hartsfield–Jackson, is locatit seven miles (11 km) sooth o the central business destrict o Atlanta, Georgie, Unitit States. It haes been the warld's busiest airport bi passenger traffic syne 1998, an bi nummer o laundins an take-affs syne 2005.[2] Hartsfield–Jackson held its rankin as the warld's busiest airport in 2011, baith in passengers an nummer o flichts, bi accommodatin 92 million passengers (252,000 passengers daily) an 923,991 flichts.[1][3][4] Mony o the nearly ane million flichts are domestic flichts frae within the Unitit States, where Atlanta serves as a major hub for travel throughoot the Sootheastren Unitit States. The airport haes 207 domestic an internaitional gates.[5]

Hartsfield–Jackson Internaitional Airport is a focus ceety for Soothwast Airlines an is the primary hub o Delta Air Lines an Delta Connection partner ExpressJet; At nearly 1,000 flichts a day, the Delta hub is the warld's lairgest airline hub.[6] Delta Air Lines flew 59.01% o passengers frae the airport in Februar 2011, AirTran flew 17.76%, an ExpressJet flew 13.86%.[7] The airport haes internaitional service tae North Americae, Sooth Americae, Central Americae, Europe, Asie, an Africae. As an internaitional gatewey tae the Unitit States, Hartsfield–Jackson ranks sevent.[1]

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